For over 40 years, Native Tree Nursery, Inc., located in Homestead, Florida, has been one of the top providers of wholesale material for landscapers in South Florida and beyond. The cultivation of native plants and specimens unique to the South Florida environment has set them apart from other nurseries — with a high emphasis on preserving and restoring Florida to its natural state with plants that are compatible with Florida's unique environment. With this in mind, the re-brand reflects the standards that the nursery takes towards its trees — the adherence to these new standards reflect the pristine beauty of the plants cultivated there, and uphold the integrity of the environment that grows them.

Not only was a re-brand necessary, but steps were taken to assure that marketing and customer correspondence were also well maintained, in order to ensure an all-around more positive experience for landscapers and those interested in Florida ecology. While retail customers were not permitted to purchase from this establishment, we still wanted to keep our material helpful and informative, in order to expand the audience beyond just landscapers and into anyone who has an interest in plants.